Monday, January 18, 2010

The Blogging Experiment Launches

As The Great Blogging Experiment commences, I feel it important(so does my professor grading my blog) to share a few things about the person behind the commentary. My name is Beth. I have a passion for marketing and all things related. I am currently a senior at Grand Valley State University pursuing (appropriately) my BBA in Marketing. I am working on an internship with the Arena District Committee which is a co-op marking group of restaurant and night life venues in the downtown Grand Rapids area.

In my "free time", I enjoy sharing interesting conversation with friends over an equally interesting glass of wine or new micro-brew. I also proudly describe myself as an aggressive foodie with a strong interest in interesting, well prepared foods. I was fortunate enough to re-take up snowboarding this year after a 5 year hiatus and was pleased to discover that I still had it. As sharing my thoughts and opinions is among my past times, I am very much looking forward to blossoming into a proficient blogger.

The feeds the feeds that I have chosen reflect a variety of my interests both personal and profession which, fortunately, in my eyes blend well together...

Advertising Age- As a advertising is an important facet of marketing, I subscribed to this feed because of the clout it carries in the industry and the insider view it offers.

NPR Topic: News- I need a liberal media source in my life. I need a non-liberal media source in my life.

Seth's Blog- My professor recommended this one to me.

The New Yorker- This is another magazine I have been meaning for ages to subscribe to. I expect to find some interesting management related articles.

Branding Strategy Insider- As brand awareness is something we are working towards growing at the ADC, I hope to find some insights from others though subscribing to this blog.

Harper's Magazine- I ment to subscribe to the hard-copy of this ages ago...

HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing- I am interested in the way in which internet marketing is going and hope to catch wind of some up and coming trends.

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