Friday, April 23, 2010

Cell Phones?

I have noticed a buzz (no pun intended) recently around the potential health risks associated with cell phone usage. Harpers recently published an article that tried to make sense of the conflicting signals that we the public have been getting.
The relevant management issue that came to mind for me is the ethical dilemma faced by the cell phone companies. The telecommunications industry has funded many (the majority) of the studies to investigate the effects of radiation emitted by cell phone. I believe they should. However, along with conflicting findings, an interesting trend has arisen. Those studies funded by the telecommunications industry are also statistically more likely to show that cell phones are safe. An interesting correlation. Can we assume that because the telecommunications industry funded studies are accurate because they were well funded or should we take pause? Given the ethical track record of corporate America, I am going to go with the later.

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