Thursday, April 22, 2010

Facebook Innovation Giving Google a Run for Their Money

The article, "Facebook May Not Be Skynet, but It Is Getting Smarter, and That's Bad for Google" by Ian Schafer discusses the F8 (Facebook Developer Conference) announcement about how Facebook plans to take it to the "next level".
The F8 announced the open graph initiative which could, if successful, revolutionize how people surf the web. The general concept behind the open graph is to collect non-personally identifiable data to customize and deliver a more relevant web surfing experience for the user.
Of interest to business owners and managers, Schafer argues that if Facebook is successful in their efforts, they will become direct competitors with Google AdSense. The reason this poses such a threat is due to the fact that Facebook has been so successful in the social networking area, where Google has not. The platform for collecting data that Facebook will offer will, in theory, provide better information for advertisers, which will make the decision as to where they take their dollars much easier.

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